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Summer Fair Saturday 7 July 2018 - lots of fun for all the family

Friends of Hallgate

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Who are the Friends of Hallgate Primary School?


The Friends of Hallgate Primary School are made up of parents/carers of the school who organise fund raising and social events throughout the year to benefit everyone within the school. The money raised is often spent on items and activities that the school wouldn’t otherwise have the money for.


Regular events include Discos for the children, Christmas & Summer Fairs, Fashion Shows, Christmas Surprise Shops and Mothers Day & Fathers Day Surprise Shops.


We hold meetings approximately every half term, in school. Our meetings are very informal and fresh faces are always welcome as are any new fund raising ideas. By joining and/or supporting the Friends it gives a great opportunity for parents and carers to become more involved, meet others and have fun.


We hope you will be able to join us.


Fundraising Missions


The money raised over the past two years has been put towards the new climbing equipment on the field. Our events meant that over half of the cost of this equipment was funded by your generosity at our events.


The remaining money raised was spent on astroturf replacing the grass area on the KS1 playground, which will enable our children to play on this area all year round.


Fundraising Mission 2017/2018


Mrs Foster and the school staff would like fundraising during this school year to go towards a new library for all the children in the school to use and enjoy.


We will also be giving each class an amount to help subsidise school visits and again paying for the Year 6 leaving event and t shirts.


Contact Us Direct


You can now get in touch with us directly through Facebook or Email:


Recent Events and Information


Thank you to everyone who attended our recent meetings.  We have some great events planned.  If you are able to help at any event, have any ideas or would like to join the committee please contact Claire in the school office.


Forthcoming Events:

Fri 18 May 2018 - Meeting 2pm in school. Everyone Welcome.

Fri 15 June 2018 - Fathers Day Surprise Shop. During the school morning.

Fri 15 June 2018 - Hallgate World Cup Football Tournament. 6pm on the School Field

Fri 22 June 2018 - Friends Coffee Morning 9am until 10am in the Living Room

Sat 7 Jul 2018 - Summer Fair


If you have any ideas you would like to share, or would just like to socialise with other parents of the school please come along, it is very informal, the work the Friends do for the school is amazing and it is extremely rewarding to know you are doing something that will benefit the children in the school.


Friends of Hallgate Committee


  • Chairperson: Mrs Kirsty Flint
  • Vice Chair: Mrs Leigh Pullen
  • Treasurer: Mrs C Cruickshank
  • Secretary: Mrs Claire Keeping
  • Parent Members:  Mrs K Devereux, Mrs L Jackson, Mrs H Richardson, Mrs S Devereux
  • Teacher Reps 2017/2018 – Mrs L Grunner and Miss K MacLachlan