Governing Body

About the School Governors

School governors are a mixture of parents, staff members, co-opted governors who are usually representatives from the local community and those appointed by Local Education Authority.

The Governing Body meet with the Headteacher and SLT to ensure that the strategic direction and targets for the efficient management of the school, standards, and progress are being met; ensuring that they hold the Headteacher to account.

Following the DfE Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools report May 2014, HPS Governing Body adopted The School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012 at their Summer meeting 3rd June 2014. More information can be found here.  DfE Report and ERYC Reconsitituion of Governing Bodies

Following this reconstitution our Governing Body is made up as follows:

Co-Opted Governors

  • Simon Crosby (Chair, Pupil Premium)
  • Margaret Huffee (Science)
  • Judith Blair (EYFS)
  • Katrin McClure (SEND & Vulnerable Groups)
  • Claire Cruickshank (Training and Policies)
  • 1 Vacancy

Parent Governors

  • Helen Goodwin (Maths)
  • Claire Grandidge (Safeguarding & Child Protection)
  • Chris Watkins (Sports Premium & Health and Safety)
  • 1 Vacancy

LEA Governor

  • Rob Haworth (Vice Chair, English)

Staff Governors

  • Mrs J Foster Headteacher
  • Mr B Atkinson

Committee’s and Members

Curriculum Data Committee

B. Atkinson, J. Blair, S. Crosby,  J. Foster, H. Goodwin, C. Grandidge    R Haworth,

 Finance and Personnel Committee

S. Crosby, C. Cruickshank,  J. Foster, H. Goodwin, C.Grandidge, M. Huffee,                 K.McClure, T. Lorne, C. Watkins

Safeguarding and Health and Safety Committee

J. Blair, C. Cruickshank, J. Foster, H. Goodwin, C. Grandidge, M. Huffee, T. Lorne,       K. McClure, C Watkins

Performance Management Committee

S. Crosby, R Haworth, M. Huffee

Class Link Governors

Foundation – Miss Blair

Class 1M – Mrs McClure

Class 1/2H -

Class 2G – Mrs Goodwin

Class 3/4H -

Class 3/4R – Mrs Huffee

Class 3/4Y – Mr Watkins

Class 5/6A – Mr Haworth

Class 5/6S – Mr Crosby

Class 5/6M - Mrs Grandidge

Getting in Touch

If you would like to get in touch with a Governor, please leave your contact details at the school office and a governor will contact you, or email

To View the DfE Governance Handbook Jan 2017 Click Here

To View a Competency Framework for Governors Jan 2017 Click Here