Governor Information

Governor Calendar

Curriculum and Data Committee

Training Progress and Attainment – School Improvement Officer 12th Jan 2017 5pm

27th April 2017 6pm

6th July 2017 6pm

Finance and Personnel Committee

12 January 2017 6.30pm

23rd March 2017 6pm

11th May 2017 6pm

13th July 2017 6pm

Safeguarding/Health and Safety Committee

15th November 2017 6pm

7th February 2017 6pm

4th April 2017 6pm

11th July 2017 6pm

Performance Management Committee

29th November 2016 1.30pm

Full Governing Body Committee

Autumn Term Meeting – 5th October 2016 6pm

Spring Term Meeting – 18th January 2017 6pm

Summer Term Meeting – 3rd May 2017 6pm