Hallgate’s Vision

Vision statement: ‘We aim for Happiness, Performance and Success.’

School aims:

  • To provide a happy, healthy, caring and secure environment for everyone.
  • To create exciting and stimulating learning opportunities for everyone.
  • To teach a broad, balanced curriculum, and to expect everyone to work to their highest ability.
  • To strive to achieve continuous improvement by monitoring, evaluating practice.
  • To help everyone to become independent thinkers and learners.
  • To develop everyone’s confidence, tolerance and open mindedness.
  • To foster Christian beliefs and values, whilst developing an awareness of other cultures and religions.
  • To meet the needs of everyone and develop their expertise to ensure effective use of their skills.
  • To promote and encourage the role of parents/carers/families as educators.
  • To develop links between our school, other schools, pre-school groups and the village community.
  • To accept, value and acknowledge the high standard of work done by everyone.
  • To include all the school community in the daily running of the school.