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Hallgate Before and After School Club launches Wed 4 Sep 2019 for pupils who attend Hallgate. More information can be found in the Parents section on the website. Please note a Contract Agreement must be completed and returned to the school before you can book your child a place.


Colour Mixing. The children learnt about the story of 'Noah's Ark' and then painted rainbows in response. They had blue, yellow and red paint and mixed these colours to make the others colours they needed to complete their rainbows.

Diva Lamps. As part of our 'Celebrations' topic we learnt about Diwali. The children each made a diva lamp by shaping air drying clay to make the holder and adding a candle to the centre. When the divas were dry the children painted them and added glitter to decorate.

Christmas Craft Afternoons. We invited in our parents into school to help us make Christmas crafts to sell at our Christmas Fair. The children really enjoyed working with their parents to make Christmas decorations. There was lots of glitter!

Firework Pictures. As part of our work on 'Celebrations' we discussed bonfire night and fireworks. The children experimented with different media to produce large and small scale firework pictures.

Healthy Eating Week. As part of 'Healthy Eating Week' the EYFS children tasted different fruits and recorded which ones they liked. Using these fruits the children made fruit kebabs. We invited in our parents to help us make the kebabs and find out which fruits we had tried and liked.