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Hallgate's Before and After School Clubs have now launched for our pupils. More information can be found in the Parents section on the website. Please note a Contract Agreement must be completed and returned to the school before you can book your child a place.


Making Bread. As part of our work on 'Harvest' the children learnt how to make bread. We learnt how flour was made by growing wheat and crushing the wheat to make flour. The children read the recipe and followed the instructions to make the loaves of bread. They were amazed how much the bread grew when we left it to prove. The best part was tasting the bread, it was delicious!

Autumn Walk. We took the EYFS unit for a walk to the park to look for signs of autumn. We took checklists with us and marked off when we found the different items on the list. The children collected signs of autumn and brought them back to school, we then investigated what we had found.

Dinosaur Biscuits. As part of our 'Dinosaur' topic the children made dinosaur shaped biscuits. We discussed the different ingredients and how they changed as they became a mixture and then heated in the oven. We talked about how we couldn't change the biscuits back and we couldn't take out the individual ingredients once they were combined. The biscuits were very tasty!