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To prepare children for next stage in education and for life by equipping them with:

  • Broad mathematical knowledge
  • Understanding of key mathematical concepts
  • Fluency in mathematical methods
  • Confidence to apply knowledge in a wide range of applications
  • Confidence to explain, demonstrate, reason mathematical thinking


These aims apply to all children, regardless of age or ability.



We believe children learn best by moving from concrete first hand experience, through pictorial/diagrammatic representation to secure abstract knowledge and understanding.  This is true whenever a new concept is being introduced, whatever age the child and should not be limited to the youngest children.


Children should be encouraged to shift between the various stages as and when they need, for example it may be that a child has a secure abstract understanding of addition, but still requires to represent their thinking pictorially when working with fractions - therefore practical equipment/diagrammatic models etc must always be available throughout the school.



In order to meet our aims, we believe that children must have exposure to a broad maths curriculum covering the 8 key areas set out by the National Curriculum.  Whilst learning the fluency of number is essential, we believe that the learning must provide plenty of opportunities for children to explain their mathematical thinking and reasoning through: an encouragement to use practical resources, to create diagrams, to talk through thinking and to show their working out.  Opportunities for application and problem solving are also essential to the children's learning.



All teachers are required to have a good subject knowledge.  This assumes:

  • an understanding of objectives, key concepts and common misconceptions for the children they teach.
  • an understanding of progression - what comes before and after, and how that differs from greater depth.
  • an ability to provide opportunities for application and reasoning without going into the next year's curriculum.
  • a commitment to using assessment to support children's learning.


Teachers at Hallgate are expected to show a commitment to providing a well thought out mathematical curriculum.  This is outlined in the guidance notes and supported by the following documents:


Whole School Curriculum map

Curriculum coverage map

Progression of Big Ideas

Learning Objectives map

Calculation Policy

Problem Solving Policy

Planning documentation