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Hallgate's Before and After School Clubs have now launched for our pupils. More information can be found in the Parents section on the website. Please note a Contract Agreement must be completed and returned to the school before you can book your child a place.

Year 5/6

World Book Day 2019 - as part of WBD 2019 we had our 'Book & Buttie' morning. Parents were invited to come and read with their children while enjoying a sausage sandwich!

Inspired by Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, we have been creating our own spy gadgets. We then wrote advertisements to persuade spies to buy our amazing products.

The Great Kapok Tree - The children performed their own version of the story in role as the animals of the rainforest.

The Great Kapok Tree - The children in Year 5/6 have been developing their language by exploring the movements of different animals from The Amazon during this drama session.

The Big Send Off! Parents came into school to send their relatives off on the 10 month voyage through dangerous waters, ice and fierce animals. The children used this to write a diary entry conveying their feelings during the opening days of the voyage.

Shackleton's Journey - the children have been building icebergs to represent the pack ice in The Weddell Sea that Shackleton and his crew got stuck in during their journey. This inspired their writing about the emotions of their chosen crew member.

World War One Poetry Workshop - the children in Year 5/6 have been learning Flanders Field and performing it through the medium of dance.