Hallgate Primary School

The school’s philosophy and ethos is shared by all staff who provide a caring and secure environment, in which every child is valued and respected. Our vision statement is
“We aim for happiness, performance and success” (HPS).

The Website

Welcome to Hallgate Primary School’s website. I hope that browsing through the website will give you a ‘snapshot’ of our school and an insight into the many activities that take place here.

I hope that the website is a useful source of information for parents and pupils. Please visit us regularly to keep up to date with our events, achievements and activities.

Celebration Awards July 2014

Celebration Awards are awarded at the end of each school year.  Each class teacher nominates a pupil who stands out for them in each of the following categories, the winner is then decided by the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.

Nominations for Effort and Progress English KS2

Holly, Dylan, Liyah, Thomas, Evie, Reece, Lily, Callum, Abbie, Freddie.

Winner: Freddie

Nominations for Effort and Progress Maths KS2

Ruby, Adam, Fajr, Leon, Emily, Ethan, Jack, Olivia, Lucy, Samuel

Winner:  Samuel

Nominations Best Athlete (Sportsperson) KS2

Imogen, Alex, Megan, Harry, Leah, Sam, Ben, Cameron, Romani, Alex

Winner:  Cameron

Nominations Best Junior

Niamh, Oscar, Isobel, Joe, Nancy, Ton, Millie, Ghala, Madeleine, Malik

Winner:  Millie

Nominations for Effort and Progress English KS1

Emily, Almameh, Zach, Isobel, Sara, Lily, Danny, Jessica

Winner:  Danny

Nominations for Effort and Progress Maths KS1

Grace, Poppy, Nicky, Demi, Kenny, Lilyanne, Annabel, Will

Winner:  Lilyanne

Best Athlete (Sportsperson) KS1

Jaden, Savi, Alfie, Chloe, Luke, Olivia, Katie, Jack

Winner:  Katie

Best Infant

Madison, Shay, Grace, Edward, Faith, Malachy, Libby, Asa

Winner:  Asa

 Hallgate Writers’ Award

This is awarded half termly to pupils in each class who have shown an improvement in their writing.

January 2015 winners are:

  • FS2H – Joseph
  • FS2D – Lily
  • 1/2F – Lily and Shola-May
  • 1/2H – Amelie and Rose
  • 1/2M – Lily and Grace
  • 3/4H/R – Emily and Lilyanne
  • 3/4O – Bridie and Danny
  • 3/4P – Madison and Josh
  • 5/6A – Holly and Niamh
  • 5/6S – Cameron and Charlie

October 2014 winners were:

  • 1/2F – Elodie and Luca
  • 1/2H – Grace and Madison
  • 1/2P – Elliott and Shay
  • 3/4H/R – Isobel and Arwa
  • 3/4M – Angelica and Owen
  • 3/4O – Ruby and Caitlyn
  • 5/6A – Chloe and Tyler
  • 5/6M - Joe and Scarlet
  • 5/6S – Gemma and Dylan

April 2014 winners were:

  • Foundation – Summer and Grace
  • Class 1 – Ollie and Dana
  • Class 2- Madina and Sara
  • Class 3 – Owen A and Josh C
  • Class 4 – Adam and Alex
  • Class 5 – Brooke and Leon
  • Class 6 – Reece and Ethan
  • Class 7 – Cameron and Callum
  • Class 8- Dominic and Amber

June 2014 winners were:

  • Foundation – Shay and Harriet
  • Class 1 – Amelie and Charlie
  • Class 2 – Elliott and Lily
  • Class 3 – Annabel and Jessica
  • Class 4 – Dylan and Holly
  • Class 5 – Tom and Uneza
  • Class 6 – Leah and Abigail
  • Class 7 – Ben and Millie
  • Class 8 – Fleur and Freddie