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Our target for every pupil is that over the whole year they achieve 97% attendance, that is no more than 5 days off in a year. The average national attendance is 96%, the equivalent of 7 days absence in a year. The following table shows the number of days off for each equivalent %.

As a school we are working very hard to make sure children do not have gaps in their understanding particularly in maths and literacy. Parents are reminded that they should not book holidays in term time as this has a significant effect on a childs progress.


% Days Absent
85 29 days off
86 27 days off
87 25 days off
88 23 days off
89 21 days off
90 19 days off
91 17 days off
92 15 days off
93 13 days off
94 11 days off
95 9 days off
96 7 days off
97 5 days off
98 4 days off
99 2 days off
100 0 days off


School Attendance Target  2016/2017

The target we set our school for the previous school year was 97%, in line with national expectations. 

Sadly we did not meet our target, our actual attendance was 95.08%, largely as a result of children being taken on holiday in term time.  This result was down on the school year 2015/2016, when the number of term time holidays were less.


Absence  During Term Time

As a Headteacher I am unable to authorise absence unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Exceptional circumstances include, for example, occasions where the timing of an event is outside of your control, such as a family wedding or funeral.  Exceptional circumstances are events that are not going to occur again.  In the overwhelming majority of cases, family holidays do not meet this criteria.


If there are exceptional circumstances, parents are asked to meet with the Headteacher, or write, giving a full explanation of the exceptional circumstances and provide evidence to support your application.  I will then write to you to tell you whether the absence can be authorised.


As a school we follow the East Riding Policy and guidelines and will automatically be referring 10 or more unauthorised sessions (5 days) to the East Riding.  A penalty notice and fine will then be issued.


As a school we are working extremely hard to improve the educational experience for children in our school and to maximise their progress and leaning.  We ask that you continue to support us by ensuring that your children are in school during term time.

Attendance Policy