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Late/Absence Procedures

(In usual circumstances)


A bell rings at 8.45am for children to line up with their classmates their teacher will take them to class, registers are taken at 8.50am; children arriving in class after this time receive a late mark on the register.  Children arriving after the registers have closed receive an unauthorised late.

If your child arrives at school after the line has gone into class they must enter via the school office.


Reporting Student Absence

Please ensure that you notify the school office between the hours of 8.00am and  9.15am if your child is absent from school, answer phone messages can be left if the phone is not answered straight away.  Please do not leave messages with teaching staff or teaching assistants as they are busy preparing for the class and are often unable to pass the message to the school office before 9.15am.  Please telephone the school on each subsequent day of the child's absence.


Medical Appointments

Parents are encouraged to make routine medical appointments ie GP, Dentist outside of school hours.  When this is not possible, please provide evidence of the appointment by letter, appointment card, confirmation text message.