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Relationships, sex education and well being

RSE and well being

Relationships, Sex education and well being (RSE)

RSE at Hallgate focuses each year on three recurring themes


Family and Relationships 

Health and wellbeing

Safety and the changing body


Children begin building on their understanding of who they are, their relationship with others and the impact of their behaviour on others.  The children look at the choices they are starting to make for themselves, not only regarding their physical, but also their mental health and emotional well being.


Well Being -

Through half termly sessions the children will focus on mental health and emotional well being elements of the PHSE Framework.

The lessons are based around six progressive themes which are re-visited each year:


Wonderful Me - relates to pupils’ sense of identity, understanding their own emotions and appreciating who they are.


People Around Me - explores children’s relationships with the people around them, including how to communicate, empathise and resolve conflicts as well as identifying people within their support network and learning how to ask for help.


Meaning and Purpose - focuses on setting and working towards goals and building self-esteem through drive or purpose.


Resilience -teaches how to celebrate failures and learn from them.


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind- explores the importance of diet, exercise and good dental health.

Relaxation - this element can often get overlooked, so we look at a range of strategies to use in different situations.