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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Message from the Staff


All staff at Hallgate Primary School aim to provide a happy and safe environment for your child. We strive to engage your child’s eagerness to learn in order to achieve their full potential.

At various points during the school year we will invite you into school to discuss your child’s progress and to take part in various workshops connected to the curriculum.


The Teaching Staff


  • Head Teacher: Mrs C Shiels (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Deputy Head Teacher: Mr J Sheppard (Designated Safeguarding Lead/KS1 Phase Leader)
  • Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs P Dean (Foundation Stage Leader)
  • Pre School Teacher: Mrs L Lee
  • FS2D:  Mrs P Dean
  • FS2E:  Mrs K Emson/Mrs S Noott
  • 1/2JG:  Miss Griffin (SENDCO)
  • 1/2JS:  Mr J Sheppard (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader)
  • 1/2LG:  Mrs L Grunner (Disadvantaged Pupil Champion)
  • 3/4CM:  Mrs C Magowan
  • 3/4KM:  Mrs K Mitchell
  • 5/6JE:  Mrs Emmott (Key Stage 2 Phase Leader)
  • 5/6BF:  Mrs Fairburn
  • 5/6GJG:  Mr J Gard
  • PE Co-ordinator:  Mrs C Magowan


The Support Staff

  • Mr J Bough (HLTA)
  • Mrs F Branfield
  • Mrs S Clark
  • Mrs A Fletcher
  • Mrs L Gear
  • Mrs A Howson
  • Mrs L Isgate
  • Mrs R Jackman
  • Mrs S Kirk
  • Mrs M Lunn
  • Mrs M Paddison (HLTA)
  • Mrs J Palmer
  • Mrs H Rashad (Nursery Nurse)
  • Miss K Rhodes (Nursery Nurse)
  • Mrs H Richardson
  • Mrs H Roberts
  • Mrs J Parker 


Administration Team

  • Mrs C Cruickshank (Admin Officer)
  • Miss H Ounsworth (Admin Assistant)
  • Mrs L Isgate (Admin Assistant)



  • Mr D Robinson


School Cook

  • Mrs R Midgley