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At Hallgate, we aim to enable children to gain a knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews. Through the teaching of Religious Education (R.E.) children learn to articulate their own views, values and personal beliefs, while respecting the right of others to differ.


Starting in EYFS children begin to learn about Christianity and key celebrations and festivals.

This is then built on throughout KS1 and KS2 to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christianity. Islam is initially introduced in KS1 and continued to be taught to gain further understanding in KS2. Learning about Hinduism in KS2 enables children to gain an understanding of another religious belief. By the end of KS2, children have acquired a knowledge of a variety of religious beliefs which gives children the ability to be able to compare and discuss them confidently.


R.E. lends itself well to many other areas of learning, which enables us to plan engaging and cross curricular lessons. Many of our R.E. themes incorporate lessons that include drama, English, art, dance and music. This makes R.E. an enjoyable and engaging lesson for children as each lesson is different!


As well as teaching R.E. on a weekly basis, we also have an R.E. day each year. During R.E. days, all children throughout the school learn about a specific religion or celebration. Each year group engage in a variety of cross curricular activities to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the religion or celebration. This provides a great opportunity for children to hold their own celebrations and gain a good understanding of a specific religion.